Best friends can be girls or boys but a boy and a girl are one of a kind. People never harmonize with this friendship, they think a boy and a girl can never be friends and it doesn’t work. But guys this is a distinct experience for all of you, and you should experience this and you can prove the transform people’s mindset regarding fairer sex. And you can relate this article to any of your best friend whether it is a girl or boy but I will allude one must have a best friend in their life. It’s the time for thanksgiving to your best friends, tag them, and let them know how much you love them.


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  1. Best adviser.

A girl advice is most appropriate and you can rely on that whether it is related to your career, love life or your dress attire. Provides you with fashion knowledge.


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2. Options for hot girls.

Having a girl best friend can make you befriended with more girls, and even you can have an advantage of dating from one of her friends by seeking her help.


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3. Are you guys dating?

A person who sees you around will definitely at first sight will think you as lovers not as best friends, and this is on every mind of people today, but the best part comes when she is not offended of that and goes along with it.


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4. Excellent gift suggestions one could ever get.

Well guys must admit that they are very bad at thinking an appropriate gift for a particular occasion that’s where your wing woman comes and helps you out with as many suggestions you can grasp.

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5. The most compatible companion.

You are most comfortable with your guy best friend and that is where you learn a bit of frankness with other guys but no one can compare your compatibility of your best friend.


6. Weirdo kudos.

The most embarrassing incidents and weird moments you have crossed over with your only best friend and you can’t even imagine doing those things with anyone else.

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7. Loves you endlessly.

Her love cannot be compared with your girlfriend love. Her love is most unique and stands by you in every situation.

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8. You are my HERO.

You don’t need to be worried about how much you have to be gentlemen in front of her. You can be as much frank with her you can get and she will love you still in spite of all your clumsiness.


9. Comforting at the best level.

Guys can be tagged as a weak person if they come to share anything with their boys’ friends but if you share the same thing with you girl best friend you will find the most comfort zone and will be rid of all problems after when being made laugh by her.


10. Maturity comes into role.

By peeping in girl’s inside out you see a change in yourself, your behavior becomes much calmer and you learn to understand your mom and every other girl easily. She takes care from your maturity level to your hygienic stateliness