College is one of the phases of our lives that we don’t want to end. This is the phase in which we became an adult. This transition from childhood to adulthood is awe-inspiring. Especially the last year in which we have a pressure for our careers but we also want to enjoy every moment of it as we know we will be apart from our friends. Those late night texting, those long phone calls though mom shouts from behind, those instant meetings and yes those “aaj proxy lgwa de kal se pakka lunga class”!

1. You got friends for life!
You got to understand the meaning of friendship and whether it’s the first relation or the tenth one! They will always be there for you with a beer!


2. Every day is a party!!
“abhi toh party shuru hui hai”


3. Getting up late is a privilege!
Yes! It is! Because you were studying whole night… but in actual you weren’t cause you were busy talking to your BFF and discussing about that bitch!


4. You will experience moments that ya’ll cherish for the rest of your life.
Yes those esteemed moments when you thought you were having fun but in actual you were making memories with the best peeps!


5. Your relationships are always fussy.
Those fussy relationships never last though you cry for them as if that is the end of your love life!


6. Time is absolutely irrelevant.
Because you know ya’ll figure it out later! Anyway!


7. Most of the time, you don’t even have a pen.
Because your BFF always carries one for you, as she/he know ya’ll forget!


8. Books ? Everything is online, dude!
Waise bhi “Prof ka chamcha kab kaam ayega”?


9. To the last years… Being the oldest was actually something that is in your favor. Always!
Aww poor you! The freshers!


10. …and the “real world” always seemed years away.
As you know ya’ll definitely figure it out one day!