Siblings are the most beautiful gift rewarded by god. Siblings are the interpersonal resource you can ever have in your life. But best part comes when you come to know you have brother as your sibling. They make you deal with the every situation. They may fight, argue, tease you to utmost but in spite of that they love you to eternity. And at the end of day the crucial figure standing by your side when the whole world turns against is going to be your brother.

1. Getting experience with things before a certain age.

When you see that your brother is doing something which you are not allowed to do because of your small age. You can charm your brothers by your low power strategies.


2. Feeling irrefutably protected.

Whether your brother is younger or older to you but when you know that you have brother, their presence brings you the sense of secure feeling. They won’t care about their physique if they will ever encounter a guy trying to harm you in any way and you believe in this.


3. Gut feeling of your brother.

Your brother can tell you in a shot that if any guy is too dumb or too clever by just looking at them, they know who is not good enough for you.hrithik-roshan-agneepath-brother-sister-raksha-bandhan

4. Loves you beyond the limit.

You might be princess to your daddy and mommy but you like to spend most of the time with your brother and they know all your past and present stories. They understand you the most among your family and provide you with the best suggestions.


5. Cheer up your mood in every situation

they can hypothesize your mood at any point of time in a moment and simultaneously they know how to lift up your mood.


6. The best secret keeper

you can be feeling sceptical after sharing a great amount of faith with any particular person but still somewhere you feel doubtful about them and at the same time if you like to share anything to your brother you trust them more than you trust yourself.


7. The best crime partner

you may tag your brother as your best crime partner because he only knows that outcome of that crime is going to be a lot of fun.


8. Supports you in every situation

your brother is your family and you know it and if you get his support and permission you can go for any task without thinking about its consequences.


9. He is your best friend more than your brother

you can share anything to him; you can act as weirdly without worrying about how you look. And you have that comfort level which you can’t have with anyone else.


10. He can give up his way for you

A little amount of prodding can make him work for you easily, he get emotional because he can’t see you sad but he do remember that favor for the next time to compensate.

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