Delhi is a dream city to many peeps around. You can roam here! Shop here! Do your photo bombing! Fill your belly with delicious food stuffs! If you want to know the whole Indian culture just Wander around the whole Delhi and you can get an easy brief of it! So grab your camera and get ready for the most awe-inspiring of India!!

  1. CP! The centre of Delhi!

Connaught Place, the place from where you can start your tour with. This is best place if you are a foodie, a shopaholic plus a photo bomber!


  1. India Gate!

This is place you should definitely visit if you are an enthusiastic peep! It is near CP! You roam around, play and eat snacks there! This place is best if visited at night…

India Gate

  1. Hauz Khas!

Foodies and photo bombers are mostly found here. This place always full of college peeps! This place is kickass when you just want to sneak out n bunk lectures as you can make your addas here!


  1. The Red Fort!

As India is rich in its history so as its capital city Delhi! This red fort is rich in history as well as interesting stories!


  1. Aakarshardham Temple!

The ethnic part of Delhi is here! This temple is so big that you can never see it completely in one whole day! The night show of film and fountains is the main attraction of it!