Nowadays peeps are a bit skeptic. They don’t believe in fairy tales or mythical creatures but what if they were a reality. Some things that we know do not exist but they do existed years ago. Things that are hard to believe in but still we have to believe. Things that we can’t see and can’t feel but we do have traits of them. Things such as dinosaurs, hobbits, mummies etc… let’s give our skepticism a touch of reality!

  1. The city of Krishna! Dwarka!

According to legend, Krishna ruled over the city of Dwarka—until it was swallowed by the sea. For Hindus, finding the Lost City of Dwarka would be like finding the Holy Grail.


  1. Chiranjeevi Hanuman ji!

It is said that hanuman ji is chiranjeevi. Pavana-puthra Hanuman will live as long as there is AIR in this Universe. He represents Vayu of the five elements.  So the attributes of the WIND is reflected in his character.


  1. Dire wolf!

You have usually seen them in game of thrones but they existed actually. They were bigger than the average wolf. They eventually died out because there source of food was dying out gradually.


  1. Hobbits!

Researchers have found there traces. They also found tools and other signs of civilization. There are skeptics who believe the hobbits are simply humans that suffered from a growth inhibiting condition but the popular opinion among scientists is that the hobbits are a separate species. Yes! The ones like Voldemort in harry potter series.


  1. Dragons!!

Dragons are mostly the parts of fairy tales playing villain, the mythical creatures. Theories as to what inspired stories of dragons include lost crocodiles and dinosaur bones, but we can’t call these real dragons because humans never encountered dinosaurs, and crocodiles are too small. There were creatures whose saliva was poisonous that it can bleed a person to death in just seconds but the creatures were not as big as the size of dinosaurs therefore they were called dragons.