There is a quote for marriage “jo shaadi ka ladoo khaye wo b pachtaye or jo na khaye wo b pachtaye”. So why not just have a little fun before eating the sweet ladoo of marriage. Let us not just stay at home and party but roam around the world, show your talent and have fun!

For boys- Party hard and visit the places where you can’t go with your spouse.

For girls- Who knows, how your soul mate will be like. So don’t stay at home… Roam around! Have fun! Party hard! Do shopping!

  1. The Pangong Lake, Ladakh


The pangong lake is located in Ladakh, the most amazing place to visit. The most wonderful part is that the 30% of this lake is in India and the rest of it is in China.

  1. San Francisco, USA


Visit San Francisco in USA have a great time. I am sure you will definitely want to visit again. Take a bus tour, visit China town, eat your favorite food, bike the golden gate bridge and have fun!

  1. Guys, let us not forget to visit the most amazing place BEFORE MARRIAGE!


For guys, I think it will be an experience worth remembering. Loose yourselves and go with the flow! Don’t forget to take your camera!


  1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok located in Thailand is another place that you must visit before your marriage. You know it has been declared that Bangkok is the number #1 place of tourist destination. Guys- Be ready for the most amazing experience. Girls- Be ready for the shopping!


  1. Las Vegas, USA

Have the opportunity to visit Las Vegas located in USA and experience its great ambivalence and glitter. Don’t forget to visit the Glitter Gulch and the Bellagio.


  1. Berlin, Germany

Walk the Wall, step back into the past and hang out with the avant-garde. Indulge in some DDR ‘Ostalgia’ and have fun!


  1. Shangai, china

It is china’s largest and richest place, a blend of eastern and western culture. Feel the soothing environment around you. And the most important thing it is a shopping paradise. Girls!! Be ready for some more shopping!