Delhi is kinda dream place to most of the peeps! This city is not only a place for aspiring futures but for fun stuffs as well. This is the city of money and power. It is called as “dil walo ka shehr dilli” because here people welcome you with open arms! Signs that define that you are a complete Delhiite are:

  1. A complete foodie you are!

Whether it is tandori momoes or butterchicken, chole bhature or ice-cream! You always have favorite restaurant for them!


  1. “Fukrey” is what you are!

Whether it is morning or evening! Afternoon or night! You are eveready to roam! Wear the sloppy outfit of yours with the most comfy chappals and pull the car out of your garage and you are ready!!!


  1. You love loud music!

Honey singh and diljit are on the top of the lists. You love Punjabi beats and have memorized all the raps to the depth! The weddings are the best part of your lives…


  1. Jugaadu” is the CORRECT word for you!

Yes! This word is the epitome of success… and it defines you literally!


  1. You love “dilli ki sardi”!

You love the weather extremes here… Whether it is day or night if its “dilli ki sardi” you just need daaru and chakna!


  1. The Sarojni and Janpath Haul!

To the girls! Yes you are fashionable yet jugaadu! And the places that help you in maintaining your fashion statement are “Sarojni Nagar” and “Janpath”… Zara or Benetton! Whateva they are! They are yours!


  1. And yes the epitome “dilli di kudiyan”!

The main essence of Dilli is its “kudiyan”. To the guys! Whether you went to Thailand or Bangkok the feel you get here in warming your eyes here in DELHI is best in itself! Admit it!