Do your friends regard you “naïve”. Do you feel “kabab me haddi” when you are with your friends and their girlfriends or boyfriends!

Don’t let yourself down before them. You know you are happy the way you live. Being single is much better than being in relations. Admit it! Even you are convinced that most peeps in relations are secretly miserable. Being in relations can also be cute as well as fun but it can be terribly inconvenient at the same time.

Let’s consider the surprising benefits of being single:

  1. No restrictions!

You can flirt without fear. Each one of us hates restrictions and when we want to explore than we don’t need anyone to guide us. Just be happy the way you are.


  1. Work on yourself!

You have more time for yourself. You can work on your body, health, hair, studies, hobbies etc… and if you are a person who is freak at exploring new stuffs then singlehood is probably best for you.


  1. You sleep in peace!!

Yes, this the best advantage of being single. You can sleep in peace as you know no one is cheating on you.


  1. Neither allergic to nor desperate for relations still single!

Actually “being single is a lot wiser than being in a wrong relationship”. If you are a commitment freak than you should definitely give it a shot to the life of being single. You are just avoiding the after pain.


  1. You have time for friends and yea! Enjoyment!

You have more time for you can enjoy your life to the fullest!